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    Back Pain Treatment & Care in Singapore

    Lower Back Pain is one of the most common pain ailments that Singaporeans suffer everyday. Some causes of back pain could be due to past injuries, and others could be due to medical conditions such as slipped disc or scoliosis. Most often, many people are suffering from chronic lower back pain due to their lifestyle and bad habits.

    Here at Re:Chiro, our chiropractic treatments help you to manage your back pain issues and improve the quality of your life without any risky invasive means.

    "If there is only one thing you need to know about back pain, you need to know that you can make it better"


    Many patients thought that the only solution to solving back pain issues are through invasive surgeries, which are usually extremely risky and expensive. And because of this, those who are suffering from back pain will simply endure the pain until "having pain everyday" is actually a normal part of their lives.

    Back Pain Treatment Without Any Surgery

    If you are suffering from any form of back pain, you need to know that back pain can be treated without any form of surgery and your condition can be vastly improved.

    A life without back pain

    Pain should not be part of life.
    Can you imagine a life without pain?

    • happylife-06

      Active & Energetic Life

      Without back pain, you can engage in a more active lifestyle with your loved ones. Climb hills with your children, or go for a run with your pets, life can be so much more beautiful when you have more energy

    • happylife-07

      Explore The World

      Without back pain, you can choose to go for more adventurous holidays and experience things you never would have seen if every step you take, comes with a radiating pain down your spine.

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      Little Things That Matters

      Without back pain, everyday things like going for work, buying grocery, taking little walks will not seem like a chore anymore. One can only live for that long, why not live a life without pain.

    Chronic Lower Back Pain

    Low back pain can be a debilitating problem for many Singaporeans due to our lifestyles in this digital age. Up to eighty percent of Singaporeans will experience lower back pain at least once in their life and at some point, the problem will return if it doesn’t get completely treated.

    How does low back pain originate? There are many causes that can contribute to low back pain:

    • Lifting heavy objects
    • Desk bound job
    • Constant Sitting or Standing
    • Heavy backpacks
    • Twisting or sudden motions
    • Obesity
    • Accidents, slips, and falls
    • Sports Injuries

    Treatment For Chronic
    Lower Back Pain

    Slipped Disc

    Slipped disc is the most common cause of back pain. In the U.S., it costs the health care system more than US$50 billion annually. It can happen to anyone, especially athletes with intense training programmes, and can severely hinder their sports performance. If left untreated, they can be out of action for months.

    When slipped disc happens, it can cause various symptoms ranging from pain to weakness and numbness. Take note of any pain after an extended period of standing or sitting. Get yourself diagnosed as soon as you feel pain or numbness, especially at your limbs.


    Scoliosis can be simply defined as the spine bending towards left or right side abnormally and it can range from moderate to severe. Typically when you look at the x-ray from the back view, it will appear to an S Shape. While any part of the spine can be affected, the most common regions are the chest area (thoracic scoliosis) or the lower part of the back (lumbar scoliosis).

    Scoliosis is typically seen more often in young girls and boys. As they age, the curvature can progress even worse. It is best to try to resolve the situation early on rather than just waiting to see if it will clear up on its own.


    Treatment For Scoliosis

    There are many causes of scoliosis:

    • Congenital scoliosis – A bone abnormality that is present at birth
    • Neuromuscular scoliosis – A result of abnormal muscles or nerves.
    • Degenerative scoliosis – These may result from injuries that have been sustained over the years. These conditions can range from traumatic to illness related. Those who also have osteoporosis may be susceptible to scoliosis
    • Idiopathic scoliosis. This is the most common of all scoliosis. This simply means that there is an unidentifiable cause. Some theories exist that it could be inherited.