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    Chiropractic Workshops

    The less you move, the more you can damage your spine. If you are seated all the time and do not move, your spine does not move either, and that is bad news. Our spine is one of the most important parts of body, not just to hold our body together but also to protect our nervous system and our spinal cord.

    Why Should Companies Conduct Chiropractic Workshop

    Poor posture is definitely a key contributor of lower back pain, and with desk jobs that demand long hours of sitting, it gets worst.
    Poor posture has a direct effect on our health.
    According to the Singapore Ministry of Manpower, headaches, lower back pain and cough are the 3 most commonly faced health issues by employees. Chiropractors would not be able to solve the cough, but we can get the headaches and lower back pain solved!


    Better health, Lower Absenteeism

    According to a 7 year study conducted by Chirohealth USA, it shows that patients with primary physicians as a chiropractor experienced the following results:


    Less hospital admissions


    Less days in hospital


    Less outpatient surgeries


    Less in pharmaceutical costs

    With that being said, it also means lower absenteeism in the office with better health; this leads to an increased productivity by your employees.

    what does the workshop do?

    So what do we do if you invite us for chiropractic talks?

    We talk about spinal hygiene, which is a group of good practices that promote and preserve overall spinal health. We educate the attendees on what poor posture is and how to avoid them.

    Dr Jenny introducing proper posture on at work