4 Things You Should Know About Forward Head Posture

Tired businessman with forward head posture, sitting at desk touching his painful neck

Is your head leaning forward?

Due to the popularity of mobile phones usage, the vast majority of people out there suffer from the anterior head carriage (more commonly known as Forward Head Posture) and many of them don’t even realize it.

This is a serious problem that very few physicians try to address and tackle. Regardless of your age or fitness level, you can have anterior head carriage, and this not only leads to pain and discomfort but also comes with an array of negative symptoms that can make your life a nightmare.

Your anterior head carriage has negative effects on your physical condition, but it can also damage your confidence, lower your energy. Thankfully, it can be solved with chiropractic treatment, but what are the most important things you should know about anterior head carriage?

Forward head posture alignment and normal body alignments
Forward Head Posture

You Look Older Than You Are

Curving your body and adopting the anterior head carriage makes you look older than you actually are. Your shoulders drop and you look fatigue and shorter, and you get that unappealing hump below your neck. By correcting your posture, your all over physique and appearance looks more confidence and possibly slimmer.

It Disrupts Your Sleep and Causes Brain Fog

The anterior head carriage can seriously disrupt your sleep and lead to fatigue because you are much more likely to suffer from lack of sleep. Low quality of sleep is not the only negative effect of Anterior head carriage It can cause a number of problems, including arthritis, migraine, asthma and hormonal imbalance.

It can also lead to early degeneration of your spin and damage your muscles, joints and ligaments. Bad posture can decrease your lung capacity by up to 30% and harm your digestive system.

Exercises Are Not Enough

Exercises alone simply cannot correct your head posture. Even if you regularly hit the gym and stretch often, you will most likely continue to suffer from the anterior head carriage. It takes a selection of carefully tailored exercises, and a complex treatment to fix your head posture, and only a professional who has the right knowledge and experience can provide them.

The Most Efficient Way to Overcome Your Forward Head Posture

Visit your personal physician and complain about back pain, and you will most likely end up with a bunch of pain relief drugs, which however don’t actually treat the anterior head carriage and will not solve the other symptoms that can make your everyday life a nightmare.

One of the most effective ways to overcome this serious problem is to visit a professional chiropractor and address the anterior head carriage with a chiropractic treatment.

Dr. Jenny Li
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