Chiropractic Fees & Packages

Treatment Fees and Packages for our professional chiropractic services

Chiropractic & Consultancy ServicesCosts (SGD)
1x Consultation Session (no treatment)$ 75.00
1x Standard Chiropractic Adjustment Session$ 90.00
1x Standard Chiropractic Adjustment Session (for children under age of 12)$ 60.00
Long-term Chiropractic Care PackagesCosts (SGD)
12 Chiropractic Adjustment Sessions$ 720.00
6 Chiropractic Adjustment Sessions$ 450.00
Special Chiropractic PromotionsCosts (SGD)
Special Student/NSF under age 24 (5 Chiropractic Adjustment Sessions)
First Consultation $75, First Adjustment $90, and X-ray Fees are not included
$ 225.00
Sports Massage ServicesCosts (SGD)
Standard Sports Massage (45 mins)
$ 100.00

**  An initial consultation session with our chiropractor will be required to provide the necessary assessment and expertise advice on which treatment package is more appropriate.

** All the care plans are valid for 12 months from the date the care plan was purchased.

** Singapore Pain Solutions is an accredited chiropractic practice and member of The Chiropractic Association of Singapore.

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